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To the attention of the authors!

From September 1, 2020, our journal accept  articles through the editorial system.
All manuscripts must be formatted according to the rules of the journal and uploaded to the system
Detailed instructions can be downloaded here
Published materials are no longer accepted by email

Declaration on Publication Ethics



RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS (RJBI) publishes original scientific papers dealing with biological invasions of alien species in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems for the following subjects:

  1. description of invasion process (theory, modeling, results of observations and experiments): invasion corridors, invasion vectors, invader species adaptations, vulnerability of aboriginal ecosystems;
  2. monitoring of invasion process (reports about findings of organisms out of the limits of natural range, propagule pressure assessment, settling dynamics, rates of naturalization);
  3. invasion risk assessment;
  4. genetic, evolutional, and ecological consequences of biological invasions of alien species;
  5. methods, means of hoarding, processing and presentation of applied research data (new developments, modeling, research results, data base) with factual and geoinformation system applications;
  6. use of the results of biological invasion research (methods and new basic results) under the study of marine, fresh-water and terrestrial species, populations, communities and ecosystems;
  7. control, rational use and eradication of the harmful alien species.

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